01 July 2010

1 week

i can't believe it has already been one week since Bentley was born! i don't know if one week seems like a long time or a very short time.  He hasn't had one day or night the same yet. We are slowly figuring out that he needs to burp. a lot. and that he needs to be swaddled. tightly. and that Dad, walking around fast, usually works to calm a boy who fights the tired feeling. getting sleepy makes him mad. a true kliewer even in his first days. 
we took a trip to Lousiville for ice cream.
sleeping with dad.
first bath at home!
 thanks, grandma!
 clean & shiny.
hanging out with mom.
burrito wrap.
 feet. exactly 1 week old.
tiny hands...with long fingers!   
his favorite time to sleep. during the day, when i am awake.


Andrea said...

my favorite is the clean & shiny one. why is he glaring!? ha. i need to see him again. and you. there is so much to talk about!

Unknown said...

he really looks long...even his toes and fingers! Happy 1 week birthday, to mom and baby!

John and Teresa said...

he is so sweet! can't wait to meet him.