06 May 2010

{this is exactly what it looks like. freaky.}
my brother is turning 8 tomorrow. yes, we are 17 years apart...almost exactly the same age difference as my sister & my baby will be.
he requested a 'remote control tarantula'.
so i went to target.
i was looking up & down every toy asile.
i started thinking maybe it was like some robot bug thing he wanted...
but they didn't really even have those.
i almost gave up & bought remote controlled mario. which was very awesome.
but then i turned around.
and there literally was a remote controlled tarantula. staring at me.
after i got over my fright, i bought it.

happy birthday, joe!

ps. shawn almost opened it at home to 'test' it out. looks like i know what is also on his birthday list.

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the southern hostess said...

Eek! That is scary. Love your blog!