20 May 2010

just to let you know...

-we have yet to hook up the wireless internet at our house. hence the lack of blogging (i love a good scapegoat).
-i am 34/35 weeks...and i didn't really know i was pregnant until now. actually, i still don't completely process it...i'm just feeling the effects on my body & bladder.
               *i've never been more thirsty
               *i wake up every 2 hours (pretty much on the dot) to go to the bathroom
               *my right ankle is swollen (as are my fingers...no rings.)
               *my feet are so tight!
               *baby is getting squished & not happy about it. kicking & punching the whole way.
sidenote: i do have pictures of this growing belly, but no camera cord with me. will try & post those asap.

-we are in a birthing class & have been learning really helpful information plus we got to tour the labor/delivery area of the hospital. it made everything seem a little bit more real. only a little bit.

on to more exciting topics...we should be able to hit the pool this weekend! i have been dreaming of this moment since...February. Also, Memorial Day is literally around the corner! we will be camping with the family. what will you be doing?

joe is coming over tonight. i might go wild & make mac n' cheese + hotdogs. i love thursdays because i have fridays off. so happy thursday/weekend! go get some sunshine.

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vcr said...

can't wait to see pictures of your little baby bump. even more, can't wait to see you guys over ryan's wedding.
...how can you be 35 weeks already?! i'm wondering if you'll be having a baby in meade:) eeks!