22 April 2010

just stopping in...

..to say
1. we are up to our ears in scraping + painting.
2. official move in day...sometime this weekend.
3. so far we have received a homemade apple pie & delicious chocolate chip cookies. how cute is that?
4. we attended our first birthing class. very interesting, not to scary.
5. i keep having a slightly swollen right ankle. not very cute.
6. i buy a 44 oz of fountain ice water. with a splash of lemonade. it just makes water consumption more exciting. 
7. i'm getting more & more excited for baby...and then i hear a crying baby while browsing at Target. then i get nervous.
8. my brother-in-law cleaned the carpets in our new house. pitter-patter goes the housewife heart.
9. happy thurs ::earth:: day

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Oh moving. While pregnant. Have your hubby give you a nice foot rub when the weekend's over:)