27 May 2010

memorial day weekend

things we like to do while camping at long pine state recreation area...

order ahead. we call in pizza hut so that it is waiting for us. how else would we survive the 4 hour trek?

we go tubing. this year, weather permitting, i will have to take the 'short' route. there is a giant hill i don't think my belly would allow me to climb if i went the long way. no one is allowed to laugh at me in a tube no matter how humorous it might be.

we play games.

we eat...again.

shawn catches snakes.

we make s'mores. i love s'mores.

we sleep. just kidding, well, i'm not kidding, we do sleep. this picture isn't from memorial day...but it did happen.

we get ready for the day.

happy memorial day weekend! i hope you get sun + s'mores + sweet tea + campfire time + a few days of doing nothing. that's what i will be doing...

these pictures are from '08. i couldn't find any from '09.


Unknown said...

Oh! Have a fun camping trip...it looks like a blast! Take lots of pictures for me :)

Kathy said...

Can hardly wait for you to all get here. We've had "our spot" for several days. Whew! Ha! Better join us soon.