15 June 2010

today, i...

am 10 days from my due date.
felt like checking in, so you knew baby is still waiting to enter the world.
saw a giant garter snake.
made banana bread.
went to the pool.
made a target list.
propped my feet to ease the swelling.
wore my sisters ring. it's on loan. mine does not fit.
prayed for family members.
did laundry.
thought about packing my hospital bag.
didn't pack my hospital bag.
realized that shawn too will need to pack a bag.
'won' final jeopardy.

note: i have pregnancy photo shoot pictures to come + baby shower photos!


Andrea said...

you won final jeopardy?!?! no way! what was the category? bible characters?

Anneliese said...

50 states.

what is the two word state that doesn't share words with any other state...or something like that. i'll let you think on it.

Andrea said...

got it!

Maryclayre Dick said...

haha...bible characters...
Thanks for updating!!