25 May 2010

1 month from today

                             {can you see my little belly button poking through?}
june 25.
my due date.
since i keep forgetting to upload most recent belly shots...i did some very creative snaps with a mirror + photo booth.  it was actually quite the task for my brain this morning. so, you're welcome.
i'm not quite ready for baby to come yet.
i still can't wrap my mind around the fact that whatever is making my belly jump around is actually MY very own, tiny baby.
i'm coming to terms with the fact that we just can't grasp the reality of it all, and that is ok.

we are coming up on 36 weeks...which means we go to the doctor every week to check progression. baby is clear to come whenever it wants! i hope babe doesn't choose while we are camping for Memorial Day or while we are 7 hours from home for a wedding...any other time would be great.
                                                      {good morning!}


Beth said...

Love it!! Cute pics Anna!

Unknown said...

Have a great time camping and enjoying the outdoors! I'm sure the little one will love it too. :)