08 April 2010

while in kansas....
::we celebrated my birthday at pizza hut. that means you get happy birthday sang to you...
::shawn got to work with the uncles & cousins. and the cattle.
::we drank grandmas sweet tea. it is practically world famous. less tea, more sugar is her motto.
::baby kliwi enjoyed the sweet tea. i don't think baby slept the whole time we were there. 
::we watched GSN. who knew $25,000 pyramid could be so riveting.
::we stayed up late + slept in.
::we held baby + played with his brother.
::participated in an easter egg hunt
::watched basketball (what do we do now that THE tournament is over?)
::enjoyed being with family.

thanks, celine for taking pictures!


Andrea said...

VERY cute dress!

summer said...

i agree, that dress is great- and you look so adorable, anna!

Unknown said...

you look so fabulous!