15 April 2010

sneak preview.

{our first address. we close tomorrow. i still feel like something could go wrong, so i might have to delete all of these.}

{our first re-upholstery project. any suggestions? and yes, the walls are currently mauve.}


Unknown said...

for some reason, I LOVE that blue chair as is!
your tulips are lovely :)
so excited for you to close!! yay!!

Andrea said...

i can't even handle myself!!! why is this happening when i have to work? dj and i will spend more time getting your new house ready than we will spend at our own place.

Andrea said...

and mary...i am suddenly loving that blue chair too. when it's paired with porcelain mushrooms, porcelain elephants and shiny wallpaper it doesn't have the same flair. but right here i can see hundreds of possibilities!