07 April 2010


01. i am 29 weeks pregnant.  i always thought i would have my first baby at 25...who knew it would actually work out?
02. i have graduated from college + received my teaching degree. phew.
03. we are working on buying a house. stressful + super exciting. leaving it in God's hands. makes it less stressful, but just as exciting. 
04. i smashed shawns finger in a door. i have never hurt him before. i almost cried.
05. i have french-manicured toes. reminds me of my wedding.
06. i have never been more excited for the summer!
07. on my golden birthday i got a splinter up my thumb at the zoo.
08. 25 sounds kind of old to me. i can't identify the age i am in my head....it may be 17.
09. baby is getting more & more active. we need to work on a nap time. 
10. for my 10th birthday party i had a victorian tea party. & i got a bb gun. interesting combination...
11. i cannot consume caffeine anytime after noon. otherwise i can't sleep.
12. i have a new make-up bag. my old one was from my freshman year of college. it was time for a change.
13. 13th birthday = new stash of mary kay makeup + dad & aunt beth taking me to get my ears pierced.
14. i have gotten down the blender & started making smoothies again. adding honey for a little extra sweetness.
15. i have been printing off these calendars & crossing off the days.
16. older friends said, 'oh, you will get sick of driving'. i haven't yet. in fact, i still love it.
17. i am in the process of growing my hair out. but i guess, who isn't?
18. last week, i made zucchini bread for the very first time.
19. i still love being the oldest.
20. i didn't really believe people when they said you will love your husband even more than on your wedding day. it's true!
21. getting a car wash makes my day. throw in a good vacuum +armor all & you've got one happy camper.
22. right before this birthday rolled around, i got married.
23. i must get a good pair of sunglasses before summer sun arrives.
24. last year, for year 24, i was in mexico. it was fabulous.
25. i must be twenty-five. my daydreams are all about wall colors, rugs, couches, strollers, prints, shower curtains, baby bedding, & owning my very own washer + dryer.

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vcr said...

happy, happy, happy birthday!!
loved numbers 1-25 on this list, excited to read #26 next year.