19 March 2010

this week, i...

-filled out my bracket. march madness is in full swing over here.
-got my teaching certificate in the mail! it expires ON my 30th birthday. before i saw that date written down, i wasn't aware that i would have a 30th birthday.
-printed my 30% off coupon for Gap (maternity). lets cross our fingers for super finds!
-spent time outside on the 64 degree day.
-got the tiniest of sunburn on my hands! woohoo!
-am getting accustomed to my new ride.
-wore a swimsuit (hot tub on our 1 night anniversary hotel stay) & people asked about the baby.
-still am shocked that people don't think i just eat to many mini 3 musketeers.
-ate to many mini 3 musketeers.
-am still working on getting over the cold i caught last week.
-found my current foundation in the clearance basket at target. i don't know why it was there, but i will gladly buy it for $2.
-ordered a soy iced chai latte. and then contemplated the best way to fit in the word soy. is saying it first the correct order? or iced soy chai latte? chai latte, iced with soy? iced chai--easy on the dairy, lets make it a soy?
-became addicted to free rice. very fun + a good cause = no time wasted.

happy friday! i will let you know about my maternity finds. maybe a fashion show is in order?


Maryclayre Dick said...

iced chai latte with soy.

i love mini sunburns! from walking outside i have a farmers tan. i don't love that so much.

can't wait to see your finds!!

i do eat too many peanut m&m's...people probably think i am prego :) it can go either way hahaha

Kathy said...

Yes, we want a style show from your great finds. Hope you find terrific deals.
How about a glimpse of your new wheels?