23 March 2010

shopping trip.

good news! my friday shopping trip was a success! i got great deals on everything! i am really excited.
my purchases: 
2 pairs of jeans. one skinny, one flair.
2 flowy tank tops.
2 fitted tanks.
2 workout/hidden bra tops
1 non-maternity but stretchy 3/4 sleeve shirt
the green tank is a little bit big. but i'm sure i will grow into it (when was the last time you bought something to big to grow into? that's what i thought.) oh, and it was $3.75 at old navy.

the floral top i just liked. i have a long-sleeve yellow shirt. am i allowed to wear it under for spring? advise me.
i don't know why everyone doesn't wear maternity jeans. stretchy band tops you can easily pull up & down + fake zipper. they are great.

alright. here i am. pumped to have jeans that fit. if i took this photo in my skivvies, i would a) be shut down by the blog police & b) look considerably bigger.
belly. end of week 26. which means now, i am starting my 7th month of pregnancy!

overall review of my trip. i went to old navy maternity section & gap maternity + gap body. gap maternity didn't have a very large selection but the jeans i got were under $20.  i ended up spending under $80 which is really great considering i got 2 pairs of jeans.  now you can invite me to go cool places. because i will have something to wear.


Kathy said...

Wow, You did make a haul! I am very impressed, and so much under $80. Best of all: when you come to Atkinson this weekend you will have something nice to wear! Ha!

Unknown said...

I am impressed with your good finds as well! Thank the Lord!!
You will have plenty of cute cloths to wear now...from now until you are 40 and prego :) hehe