18 March 2010

my peeps.

peeps are my thing. i don't know how it happened. maybe it was because when i was younger i was intrigued by their color, or their marshmallowy-ness. (i have always been a big marshmallow fan as well) in my life i have been given a gift sack full of peeps every size & color, peep shaped lip gloss/ key chain, peep luggage tag & bag identifier, just to name a few. so naturally, when shawn & i were browsing the dollar aisle at target, and came across this...he bought it. no questions asked. now i will be perfectly honest with you. its about the worst chapstick i have ever owned. but, it smells good. and its so cute. so i will keep it.
 and yes, this is currently happening. on so many levels. yes, you can buy to your hearts content at target & yes, i quick got out my camera phone & took a picture. i couldn't resist.


Andrea said...

this post gives me a stomachache. haha

Tiffany said...

Go Peeps! (I love how Peeps are such a divisive subject. They are almost as dangerous to mention as religion and politics!)

jason said...

the only person who loves peeps more than you, is me. they are sooooo my thing. well, them, and s'mores.