25 March 2010

a conglomeration.

01. i am 'nesting' via shower curtains. i'm glad that i identified it because there was no logical explanation for the amount of time i spent looking at shower curtains on line yesterday.  what do you think? a fun print? a solid color so that your walls can be a bright exciting color? trust me, this is serious business.

02. i got up this morning, and put on flip-flops. this is their first appearance of the summer. now don't be fooled, it isn't that warm here. but the sun was shining + i didn't have to bend over at all.

03. i think i have made the switch-over to iced drinks. it's just that time of year.

04. i am working on my easter outfit. easter is just not the same if i don't have a new dress or skirt! (i was born on easter sunday)

05. i made these cookies last night based on her recommendation. they were quick, easy, & very delicious.

06. in the span of 6 months, we will have 3 new additions to the extended family. the oldest babe made his appearance at the end of February, ours will hopefully debut at the end of June, & then the youngest of the three will arrive a few weeks later! i have labeled them the 'trifecta'. i hope they all start kindergarten the same year....that would be so cute.

07. that's all. my brain has nothing else floating around needing to be written down...


Unknown said...

1. I am so happy you got to wear flip flops! Or do I dare say...thongs. That word reminds me of Dads old green and blue ones in the Wahoo closet.
2. I didn't think about the three 2010 babies! How fun!
3. I already got me new Easter dress :)

vcr said...

1. love that you're nesting over the shower curtain. so essential that you can't help but put a little too much thought into it.
2.flip flops. so jealous, we got ten inches of snow yesterday
3.cracks me up that you have an official switch. i may just have to start doing the same.
4.easter outfit...yes, so important to have a dress. i just got done trying on stuff, hmmm.
5.will try too!
6.LOVE love looove the trifecta. go class of 2018. (WEIRD!!)
7.keep up with the lists.

vcr said...

no....class of 2028. eeeks!!!