17 March 2010

i cut her umbilical cord. 
she was my baby.
attached to my side.
she didn't like strangers.
she liked to sing & play the guitar at age 5. she still does.
only, now her lack of guitar skills isn't quite as cute.
she is beautiful.
i can't say that though, because we look alike.
i'm partial.
she is reserved.
the least outgoing.
but some how, the most outspoken.
nothing gets past her.
she loves shoes.
she loves diet pepsi. 
i didn't know we were allowed to drink diet pop.
she is the oldest of the youngest.
she plays volleyball just like me.
i don't know how that's possible.
when i was her age
she was a toddler. 
she changed her name to cary.
then back to caroline.
now she is 14, going on 22.
she has potential 
that will be fulfilled.
she's just that type of girl.


Unknown said...

well said.
your baby's growing up!

summer said...

you cut her umbilical cord?! wow!
this is adorable, anna.

Unknown said...

Anna! You're such a good writer - that is so Caroline! Good job. Thanks for writing your blog - I love to read it!!!