30 March 2010

28 weeks

my non-professional sister-in-law took this. isn't it so cute?

i have now experienced...

people look at me, smiling, and then staring at my belly. i can still see you!

sitting down to put my shoes on. mr. rodgers style. (this song has been stuck in my head ever since i identified how i put my shoes on. for a laugh, i will even toss my shoe sometimes.)

having to scoot forward to get out of a chair.

shirts that don't fit.

baby having hiccups. 



summer said...

soooo cute!

ps. oh mr. rogers. i can totally picture it. you are adorable.

vcr said...

super duper cute!!!!!

looooove the bump and the baby inside:) isn't it so fun being pregnant?!

Unknown said...

I loled at tossing your shoe to the side...I so picture you doing that. hahaha

I love this pic! Good job Linds!

I SO wish I could see your baby bump :(

Andrea said...

mary...i'm offended!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh Andrea!
Haha you took the picture? I mean, I knew you were a good photographer...but Anna said something about Lindsay taking pictures..but I don't know why I thought that, because she hasn't seen recently.

Well good job Andrea! That is a REALLY good picture! :)

Andrea said...

haha. apology accepted. :) i took it as a compliment anyway!

oh hi, anna. good blog. i, too, lol'd at the shoe toss.

Travelin'Oma said...

The Mr. Rogers description is perfect. And what a darling photo!

Travelin'Oma said...

P.S. We were going to name someone Annaliese. It's such a pretty name!

Hil said...

I seriously laughed over the whole mr. rodger's comment. I SO know what you mean. Except, I'm pretty sure I was at that point at 20 weeks with my little guy. I got huge fast. :) Your belly is adorable!