08 February 2010


this guy entered the world at 32 weeks.
he is the son of my cousin, dean.
my first best friend.
i love this baby already because i know he will be my baby's best friend.
they will take baths together.
and sleep in the same twin bed.
with sesame street sheets.
go to the pool.
read comics together.
shoot bb guns together.
sneak candy together.
and sometimes, their they will let their little sisters tag along.
they will laugh so hard that juice comes out their nose.
and use the video camera to record the "news" & commercials.
he will probably make fun of my baby.
but my baby will love him anyway.
plus my baby will always be able to sit on him to shut him up.
they will play basketball together.
they will go to vbs together.
their other friends won't understand how they are so close. 
but they will be.


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Unknown said...

This is so sweet. And true.