05 February 2010


i wanted this to be something celebrating today & the snow & the fact that its friday...and we have the whole weekend ahead! but....i got sucked into foul play on tcm. and so all rational thoughts are gone. this movie was brought home when we were kids...i don't know how young...but it was kind of a scary movie. and it still is! the albino, the dwarf, the fake pope! luckily there is a young chevy chase & goldie hawn love story to keep you entertained.

so here goes my friday afternoon. i'm keeping my eye out for the albino. happy friday!


Unknown said...

This is seriously Kami and Hannahs FAVORITE movie...they used to watch it all the time!! Let them know you watched it :)

I am with you though, it is creepy...but soo good!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I've never seen this movie but it sounds mildly terrifying