18 January 2010


my family hates (and to be honest, it's more of a love/hate relationship....you love to read it but hate how annoyed you get) blogs that are blags. definition: a blog where all you do is brag.

but today....i am proud of myself. i am being productive again! woo-hoo! i actually went to target & got almost everything checked off my list! (isn't it great when you can pick up a pack of socks, new mascara, & clementines all in one trip?) i also am making a dent in the mess we have created in the past few (eek, has it been months already?) of unproductiveness! and to top it all off...made it to the gym!

so i just wanted you to know. things are looking up. and it's only monday!

ps.tomorrow my goal is to finish the laundry (AND PUT IT AWAY, anna.) while i'm doing it, i think i might watch the original willy wonka vhs shawn got for christmas.  what is your favorite part of the movie? not the part when they are in the boat, that is for sure.

pps. have you seen the previews for the valentines day movie that is coming out valentines day weekend? i think we will see it.


Andrea said...

i need to show you my receipt from yesterday....i bought socks and clementines! no kidding.

i hate the whole willy wonka movie.

if you ever start blagging, i will remove you from my favorites list. i have done it twice before and i will do it again.

good job though! 2 posts in two days!

summer said...

small town = no target. i miss it so. (those all in one trips are the best. for sure.)

love willy wonka. love 'pure imagination.' hate the boring grandpa joe song before they go to visit the factory.

why have i not seen/heard of this valentine movie before? crazy. thanks for clueing me in.

Maryclayre Dick said...

I am with Andrea...not a fan of Willy Wonka...even after I found out it was a very low budget film and all that...still creeps me out! We do have it on DVD though, and I'm sure my kids (like you) will make me watch it. On that note, I also hate the Christmas Story too...

There are no Super Targets hear...boo.

I wonder if my blog is a blag? I guess no one would know since I hardly write :)

I like how you keep referring to yourself in 3rd person...or is my voice supposed to be inserted there? :)

Andrea needs to start a blog.