19 January 2010

healthy hint.

this is my healthy hint for today. when you are eating some strawberries (sliced in a bowl) and they are kind of sour & you are really temped to get out a cup full of sugar and make your strawberries swim. stop. take a deep breath. we can work through this. and add some honey! it is super delicious and completely healthy!

you should also turn on E! because sleepless in seattle starts at noon. what better movie (besides WWATCF) to get you through some housework?


Maryclayre Dick said...

What a great idea! Because I don't even consider strawberry's a healthy option because I either burry them in sugar, or whipped cream.

I love a good love story to get me through my Saturday cleaning/organizing.

Today after work, I came home to dye my hair and clean/do laundry while Darrin was at school, and I ended up bleach cleaning my whole bathroom (walls and all) and cleaning anything I could with windex. Sometimes I just go crazy :) Do you ever do that?

Andrea said...

i wrote a long comment and you either deleted it or i forgot to hit "post."

mary..i'm working on my blag. i'm awesome, so it should be awesome.

anna...i'm so unhealthy that i don't even BUY strawberries at the grocery store. or..am i healthier because i don't buy strawberries, therefore not eating the sugar that i would inevitably put on it?

i'll have everyone know that the "word verification" i have to type in to submit my comment says "undiss." i read undies.