17 January 2010

good morning starshine, the earth says hello!

well. here it is. we're going to have a baby! i have been trying to figure out the perfect way to post this for the last....well....it's been a while. since becoming pregnant i feel like a thought that is commonly in my head is 'i just hate everything'. and i don't mean it in a rude way, but smells, foods, drinks, even the sight of my blog just made me sick. but i am in my 18th week and starting to even out on the hormone level thing.

things to note from the previous weeks:
i never threw up.
i do gag. a lot.
i hated everything that i had already had. (does this make sense? sounds horrible, right? well you are right. if i had eaten pizza...never again. mcdonalds? puke. orange juice? how dare you even offer it.)
i was so tired i really didn't know it was humanly possible. my life consisted of when i could go back to bed. or even just close my eyes in a long blink.
i'm really thirsty in the morning.
i get up to pee once every night ( i feel like moms all over the world are laughing an evil just-you-wait laugh. i know. i've heard it gets worse.)
if i want something. i want it. hence the 8 consecutive mini-powdered doughnuts i ate.
i am super thankful to not have the taste for coffee or pop! i was worried. but baby doesn't want it.
i also didn't have a sweet tooth until a week or two ago. don't worry. it's back.
my jeans don't fit. but i'm not big enough to get maternity jeans. i wear sweats.
i'm already hotter than i used to be. just wait till june, anna.
my stomach sticks out a little. but only enough for people to think i've gained holiday weight.
my body is also changing in ways i am not complaining about. ehhem.
my stomach has calmed down. it always used to gurgle.
i don't eat large meals. but i eat about 8 times a day. or at least want to.
we aren't finding out the sex.
which means we also aren't telling the name.
but don't get too worked up, we don't have a boys name set yet.

thanks for checking back here. i'm going to be better. i promise. especially since i don't hate everything as much anymore.


Kathy said...

Glad you're starting to come back to your real self. We are super excited about this new little Kliewer.

ALFIE said...

anneliese!! this is FANTASTIC news! I am incredibly happy for you and your hubby! I know you've probably got loads of support and fabulous resources---but as a person who lives and breathes pregnancy and birth-- feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or are in need of some good books, websites, etc.etc.

cant wait to read your updates :)

- ashley

summer said...

woohoo! baby posts! bring 'em on.
this was fabulous, anna. i love hearing all your news. and so glad to hear that you're starting to get back to 'regular life'. can't wait for more! hooray for no throw-ups!

Maryclayre Dick said...

Baby kliwi! So glad you updated! Maybe I should now...
I love reading your blog. Thanks for going into detail!!

vcr said...

love it!
...the post. not "it" as in the baby. but we do love him or her.
am i making any sense?!

ahh, love the baby post!

Kathy said...

yeah!!! We are excited for you both as well!! Love ya,

John and Teresa said...

CONGRATULATIONS! praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

p.s. can't wait til i can post a baby pic. it seems like EVERYONE is pregnant.