05 November 2009


...my second graders are thankful for. today.

I am thankful for....
-the sun {illustration with caption "i'm hot!}
-trkes. (translation: turkeys. and yes, the correct spelling was on the board....)
-my dog, hutch.
-my mom & dad.
-my teacher {sigh}.
- for food. and America. and the world. and God.
-for evre bude (every body)
-my life.
-America and food. I love the earth very much.
-for Thanksgiving.
-playing outside.
-freedom from England and for Thanksgiving (haha! who is teaching these kids?!)
-when my grandma died. ( i tried to get an explanation with that and i think she means since they can't visit grandma, now her spirit is always with them? nevertheless, it will look odd up on my turkey.)

and i am thankful for the sunshine.

happy thursday!


ALFIE said...

love the list!! makes me think of everything I am thankful for :)

dj said...

come on anna!!