15 December 2009

the people have spoken.

i am here. i'm still alive. kind of. here's what's been going on/needs to be going on....

01. i currently have only 5 out of the approximate 12 christmas gifts i need to purchase. and actually the 5 gifts i have are only 1/2 of the present for each of those people....so i'm not done with them. you better hope i don't have your name.
02. our apartment is a disaster zone of laundry & christmas. must do something about that.
03. it now also is messy with luggage from our weekend trip to springfield, missouri. we had 2 basketball games.
04. we won both.
05. and yes, there was a legit cat fight amongst team memebers. but i think they are over it. girls.
06. i am currently watching treasure island on tcm. the disney version.
07. did you know i collect nativity sets?
08. did you know mcdonalds has good hot chocolate?
09. i love picture texts.
10. i can't find my ugg slipper boot. anyone seen it?
11. mary & D come home a week from yesterday. (sometimes backwards counting like that is confusing to me)
12. anyways, that is exciting.
13. it is also exciting to receive christmas cards
14. and packages from amazon.
15. a week ago today we had our first snow day. i now feel like there should be snowdays at least once a week.
16. my mom made us homemade doughnuts.
17. i also feel like that should happen once a week.
18.i got my toes done last week.
19. for the first time in months.
20. so good news, my toenails are back!
21. my baby sister turns 12 tomorrow.
22. i remember when she was born. everything.
23. treasure island is intense right now. a lot of fighting.
24. tuesday= bw3's
25. tomorrow i nanny for my new familly (for the 2nd time)
26. i might get fired though. i'll keep you updated.
27. i'm really excited for next week. because shawn will be starting his christmas vacation!

28. and shhhhhhhhh, it's still a secret!
29. i don't really have anything more. but can i stop on #29?
30. just so no one freaks out, i won't. happy tuesday!


Maryclayre Dick said...

ELSIE IS 11! Not 12!
She is still a baby for 2 more years!!!

Anneliese said...

haha! i know. i re-thought about it tonight. something about this 11/12 is confusing to me.

vcr said...

enjoyed the list, read it a couple times:)
...in about 2 weeks, we'll be together for new years. yayy!!!!

Unknown said...

nice anna. but " for the first time in months" doesnt count as a number. ha