29 October 2009


this is me in the 80's. oh wait, i was only 5 then...

i just want to be honest with you.
i am about to go workout at the gym. 
i just joined.
it is small & cute with treadmills, ellipticals, weights, giant balls, tv's, etc.
BUT I'M TOTALLY NERVOUS! (and clearly avoiding going by writing this blog)
what machine will i go to? 
what if it is the same one someone always uses that comes in 3 minutes after me? 
what if i don't know how to start it. 
or i choose the one with a squeaky belt. 

i guess that is the price i have to pay.
and the funny thing is that after the first couple seconds it will seem like old hat. 
no big deal.
is this really my first time here?

so overall, i'm super pumped that there is a gym about 50 feet away from my apartment (i know, right?).
how can i not go?

wish me luck.
better double knot my shoes so i don't trip.


ALFIE said...

don't be nervous! i felt the same way the first time i went and worked out--surrounded by a gazillion other people. but believe me when i say-- no one is watching. take your ipod. get in the groove. and enjoy yourself (well...as much as you can while working out!!)

p.s. i love charlies brown. although my midnight shift prevented me from the ABC viewing this year :(

Andrea said...

i really thought that it was you. i was slowly scrolling down and kept trying to make it into you. hahaha. it was great while it lasted.

Unknown said...

I was hoping you were giving us a peek at your costume for the year! Hey, you ran a marathon, those clubbers have nothing on you my friend.

Oh and thanks, I now have"Lets get physical, physical" in my head.

Maryclayre Dick said...

You are queeeeen workout! Pahhhleeeese. You know you will soon be addicted to that brick house...speaking of (80's?)
OWWWW...she's a BRICK houuuse.

haley said...

i feel the SAME way!!!!!!!!!

Tasha said...

I randomly stumbled on your blog and... I love this post. It is perfect. Oh man.

Kurt Green said...

"It is small and cute"
LOL I am trying to imagine a "cute" gym.....:)