06 October 2009

coach k.

october 6, 2009 marks the first day of practice.
the first day of shawns collegiate coaching career.
you can assume that it is a big day today.
cause it is.
shawn is spending the next 6 hours carefully planning his first practice.
did i mention that he is the girls coach?
it will be a learning experience.
he is excited.

i know he will be great.
which makes me excited.
....i'm never calm.
i still get butterflies.

someday we will look back on the 09-10 basketball season as where it all began...

1 comment:

Maryclayre Dick said...

Haha..."i'm never calm..." I LOLed...

He will be a great coach...Darrin didn't realize he was the head coach until last night...

No, I don't wish I was suiting up. I hate playing basketball! :)