05 October 2009

buddy walk.

met my cousin, marrisa.
she is 4 years old.
she is full of attitude + hugs & smiles.
she only eats ice cream (or so she wishes).
saturday, we participated in the buddy walk.
i was a little nervous.
i started my training wednesday.
luckily, it turned out to only be 1 mile.

this walk made possible by 2 skinny pumpkin-spice latte's. hold the whip.

getting ready for the big race.

...and my nose is froze.

getting up early on a saturday? no problem.
surviving the rain & early october briskness? any time.
being able to support my family & hang out with cousins? the best.

love you, miss riss!

photos courtesy of miss madeline thompson .


ALFIE said...

anneliese! your cousin is adorable! what a little personality :)

glad you survived the walk :)

btw: pretty much everything i do is made possible by some form of latte :) glad to see i'm not alone!

Maryclayre Dick said...

LOVED this post! Miss Riss is adorable....I am so glad you participated in the walk!!