08 October 2009


reasons why i don't like to babysit:
01. i assume since i can't feel my nose & toes they must use all their pennies to pay me (and not the heating bill).
02. i eat to much.
03. or there is no food (& you end up having a fiber plus bar for supper).
04. i have to put your kids to bed...the reason you hired me, cause it isn't fun.
05. i have to play barbies or my lil ponies or polly pocket or princess or house....and i always get the ugly ones. or am the wicked step-mother.
06. i have to stay up late. cause you are out having fun.
07. i have to play dumb to lies.
08. i have to make threats that i never follow through with.

what makes it all worth it? the money. let's be honest. oh yeah, and her. because i love her.


Maryclayre Dick said...


Those are great...yes, look at the bright side... you bring home tax free cashhh!

I still don't like that little girl...I tried sooo hard to be nice to her...haha

Kris said...

**Anna & Mary's old babysitter clears her throat**

Well! Shall I just say...I didn't do it for the following reasons at YOUR house:

-to be covered from head shoulders to shoes with 2 complete stripes of fresh mud on my first day by the dog.

-to be asked, "are YOU wearing makeup??"

-to be completely freaked out by giddy laughter from an upstairs closet where a certain *ahem* oldest daugther was "sleepwalking" and rather...delirious??

-to discover yet again that I brought "treats" that were not allowed at this house...they contained sugar AND chocolate and neither from an organic or whole food source.

I could go on, but...

I *loved* babysitting for you, because truly you were some rather lovely little chickies that were fun enough to be around to even hang out ther for free! (but I did like a little spending moola, too) :)

Love your blog, Anna!

Anneliese said...

haha! ohmygoodness. i hope we didn't tourment you. that is awesome. can i cash in on some of those sweets now?

the 6 year old, not pictured, said to me the other night "yeah, you do look cute. and you NEVER look cute" ouch.

ps. you always brought smelly markers. and they were amazing. mary & i still love love love them.