09 October 2009


01. field trip today!
02. snow this weekend?
03. enjoying owl city {maybe i'm just really behind on the times}
04. the barista didn't know what i was talking about...but order a harvest moon latte.
05. thank me later. (if you have to inform her like i did, it is 1/2 pumpkin spice & 1/2 white mocha)
06. i'm pumped out of my mind that i found a pair of gap corduroys in my winter tub.
07. i had no idea i owned them.
08. excited to be studying an amazing woman .
09. glad i didn't over sleep (like yesterday).
10. hoping i don't run out of shampoo + conditioner before i buy more. {any suggestions?? i love to mix it up}
11. decided i need black flats. figured out that the leopard ones don't flow with gray dress pants. 
12. still have my packets of via (the new instant coffee from starbucks).
13. must.try.those.
14.working on a craft project. teacher style.
15. crossing my fingers for a win from the softball team this weekend.
16. that would result in a 2 1/2 day week for the students.
17. only 3 1/2 days for us.
18. don't tell mrs. w, but my fingers are crossed.
19.need to figure out a winter workout plan.


summer said...

ooh, loads of good things here. i, too, am enjoying owl city these days (brand new to me this week). i cannot wait to try the harvest moon goodness! black flats.. me too. my favorite shampoo + cond is wicked expensive redken stuff, but from walmart i really like garnier's length + strength.

ALFIE said...

did you just say the forsaken "s" word?? not snow! not yet!!

i think i might have to go drown my sorrows in a harvest moon latte. it sounds like perfection!

so glad you're enjoying the study--i am loving it as well!

i love pantene pro-v thickening shampoo. makes my hair shiny and fabulous.

& by the way--i'm pretty sure anything leopard print gets a pass. who says it has to flow? :)

Maryclayre Dick said...

We too, are listening to Owl City!! Funny...

I always like classic Herbal Esssssenccess, no, I don't know how to spell it (or pronounce it) still!

Tomorrow, I definitely am going to pick up that latte on the way to work! The only problem is, is that it is in the 90's here...maybe I will get it iced...

Try looking at DSW...I don't care what anyone says, that store is amazing! They have a sweet one in Westroads!

I have my fingers crossed too :)

Andrea said...

i wore gray pants on monday and put on my black flats and thought...ouch. those leopard print ones are not gonna go with anna's gray pants. i forgot to warn you.

i'm probably getting the harvest moons over my hammy latte tonight because it's friday and i can.

Anneliese said...

guys. i hope for some reason you come back and check this. i was confused....but harvest moon is at scooters! BUT, i clearly forced the starbucks gal to make me one....and it was delish, so go with it. haha!!