31 May 2009

we're actually here.

ok. so it is sunday night, we have just finished our second full day in cochabamba, bolivia! after many flight issues {we missed our flight to bolivia due to schedule changes, so we spent the night in miami, woke up, came back to the airport and proceded to be up for close to the next 24 hours} needless to say, my brain was a tad mushy for a while. when we finally did arrive >with all our bags [ptl!] ***side note> i am typing on a spanish keyboard, and cannot figure out all of the parenthesis, or dash signs... ha!*** we were promptly picked up by Abel, [the bolivian missionary who is hosting us along with his wife Sonia, and their adorable one year old] and dropped into a taxi. the ride actually wasn't that bad...if you don't mind no lanes, cars three abreast, and no stop lights. we made it to the SIM guest house, ate breakfast, and went to bed. this all happened at 9 am. so we got up around 2 pm [you calculated right, that was 4 hours for our first "night"] we ate lunch and went out to the church. there, the guys helped clean up an empty lot that the church owns [i have some pictures, and will try and post them]. while they were all working hard i chatted with the ladies. rough. the guys also had a chance to shoot around for a while at some nearby outdoor hoops. we went to supper at eli's [pronounced ellie's] and ate some super delish pizza! and of course, coke. we went back to the church for youth group. it was really fun [for losing one of the games, one of our guys had to kiss a girl on the cheek 4 times. hilarious. especially since no one really understood why] after, everyone who was at youth group [of course this meeting was not limited to youth, there were little kids and ladies there also] went to the outdoor courts and played basketball and soccer. when we made it back to the guest house, everyone was shot. after a snack [fresh fruit and homemade bread], and showers we quickly debriefed the day and went to bed.

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Maryclayre Dick said...

WOW! Sounds so fun! What did you talk to the ladies about? Do you all have to speak in spanish?
Glad you are having a good time, besides the inevitable feeling of being tired :)