31 May 2009


so this morning, we got up and attended an english speaking church. the meeting was small, and the pastor was from...omaha, ne! crazy! it was nice to be able to listen to the service, and also interact with the people who attended. after, we took a bus down to the plaza central and walked around. we then went to pollos america where they roast whole chickens on long sticks over an open flame. the meal was served with rice, french fries, and fried bananas. we came back to the guest house after lunch and took a nap. we got up and went to the soccer stadium that is nearby and watched a professional soccer game. the local team is Wilstermann and we are proud to say...they won! apparently they haven't had a very good season so far, so we attended a good game! now, we are back at the guest house, waiting to eat some supper. sundays are very laid back here, so it is nice to be able to take it easy. now that we are a little bit more ''settled in" i will try and keep you updated on the days happenings!

if you have any questions, feel free to ask them...i'm sure i'm leaving a ton out!


Kathy said...

Thanks for the updates! All the details are so good.

Maryclayre Dick said...

Were the fried bannanas good? I had a fried pickle hear...they are ok.
I am just happy that you are there!