27 May 2009


so here is the story...in abbreviated form.

i applied for my passport...it wasn't coming. shawn and i spent 3,4,(5?) hours on the phone yesterday trying to locate where it could be, and how it could get here. (asap!) to make matters slower, the entire passport computer system was down. that put a damper on spirits. to sum up all of our conversations, we figured out that our best option was to drive up to minneapolis, mn and apply for an emergency rush on my passport. this meaning they will cancel the current one (somewhere in south carolina), and make me a new one in a few hours, hand it over, and we are home free.

so that is what we did. packing up a tiny backpack, we jumped into the car and headed out of omaha at about 9 pm (stopping at wal-greens to get new passport photos, and runza to get some dinner---the highlite of the evening). my life-long friend, annette, lives close to the twin cities. she graciously folded out her hide-a-bed, scrounged up some clean sheets, and even set out towels for the shower we didn't take. only a best friend meets you in her drive-way at 2:45 am, excited to see you.

so that brings us to this morning. we wake up, run out the door and show up to the correct location on time for our appointment. the guy (jeremy) who helped us, was so nice! he did everything he could to get us the passport (saying at least 4 times, when meeting another dead-end , "well there is more than one way to skin a cat" ha!) finally, after calling over the head lady, more paper work & phone calls, he took our check (saying we will get reimbursed for the money paid for the passport that is now canceled) and gave us the all-important receipt, and sent us to target (actually we sent ourselves there) to wait until 2 pm...when the passport will be ready. we went across the street, picked up some coffee (yay! ...and a breakfast burrito for a hungry shawn) and then spent the rest of our time picking up needed things for our trip (so no time wasted) and grabbing lunch.

2 pm. PASSPORT IN HAND! we never really felt quite comfortable until we got it...but we did! and then headed back to omaha! we arrived home at 8 pm...and that about brings us up to speed :) packing, some sushi & veggies for dinner, and now we will be spending the rest of the evening finishing up and then leaving tomorrow for the airport at 9:40 am (thanks for the ride, dad) to spend the next 24 hours making our way to bolivia!

i'll keep you posted....now where is my passport......


Maryclayre Dick said...

Oh my word, you should have started a blog sooner! I already am in love with your blog style!
And I love the colored and italicized words!!
I feel relieved now that you have your passport...I am going to be a terrible mom, I am already a worry wart! haha

Kathy said...

Don't even say that!! That gives me a funny feeling in my stomach. But, yes, do keep track of it. Have a good trip, and I'm visualizing what you'll see, literally. Mom K