26 May 2009

the first.

this is my first blog. first post. ever. exciting! i have decided to do this for a few reasons, the main reason being we are leaving for bolivia, south america in less than 48 hours. this will be a good way to keep everyone (who cares) updated, as we will have internet access the whole time!

currently happening: trying to get my passport in our hands...long story, just pray we get it!
happening in a few hours: mom bringing over the 'big' suitcase. packing ensues.

i hope this turns into a central place for people to get ideas about what is happening in our life, things we think are cool, or random thoughts from me...or shawn, even more randomly.

i can't wait to develop my blogging skills!

love, anneliese


Maryclayre Dick said...

Yay! I care! I am excited you have a blog!! I will check it every dayyy!

Unknown said...

Yes, this will be awesome...a completely new way to stalk:) I will be praying for your passport situation. I wish I could be a fly on the wall during your packing session. Hmm, how many pairs of shoes???? Have an amazing time!

Kurt Green said...

you are now officially cool.

Anonymous said...

yessss nice title!

Anonymous said...

this is DJ btw.