16 July 2013

summer time.

our calendar has been booked this summer!
we are now at the halfway point in my mind & i have a smattering of photos that i want to post so that i feel "caught up".

my sisters & brother-in-law & nieces arrive from south carolina tomorrow!
so (yesterday) and today are filled with lots of cleaning--- i love the preparation & excitement!

DJ's sisters wedding!


andrea did tons of work helping paint decorations!

at the park

"helping" dad paint (the railings were supposed to be white...)

the sunsets have just been amazing this summer, don't you think?!

birthday fun with maddie!


aunt kerri's 50th birthday party!

another walk & another sunset

car show!

our favorite date to the sumtur amphitheater!

thanks for taking good care of our boy, caroline!

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Kathy said...

So goes summer. Everything is so much fun. But that also makes it go fast. Loved all the update pictures.