09 July 2013

adventureland {2013}

we went a little earlier this year.
and it was apparently the perfect day to go!
not very crowded = fairly short lines!
we moved through the park well,
hitting up our favorite rides right away,
stopping for lunch,
more rides & then on to the water park!
water park is followed by the circus,
then funnel cake break.
more rides.
our day always ends with a ride on the train.
by that time, it is 9 pm & we have successfully spent our yearly 10 + hours at an amusement park.

we order pizza on our way back to the hotel.
bentley was asleep within 1 minute of being buckled into his car seat.
he then slept 13 straight hours!
followed by a 3+ hour nap this afternoon.

this year was our smallest group,
but it was fun.
we probably consumed the most junk food ever.
more to go around!

i'm so thankful for this family tradition.
i'm sure my dad doesn't read my blog,
i don't think he knows about it.
but thanks anyways, dad!
we all had a super fun time!

caroline thought it was ok for me to share how wild my hair can be.

the night before, walking to get some snacks!

adventureland 2013 group

first ride of the day!
our first ride


round two.

lunch break & show

note the streamer "prize" bentley has
bentleys first big ride! raging river! he loved it! and we got soaked



after swimming snacks


our favorite performer, angela. she does the trapeze & it is crazy!

funnel cake break.

smiles going up! tears & had to stop the ride when it came down. he hates that feeling in his stomach.

walking out he took off his shoes & snuggled up with a blanket & his new prize "Reddy"

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Beth said...

What a fun-filled ride-filled day! Thanks for the pics. I LOVE your wild hair, Anna! cute new friend "Reddy", too.