05 November 2012

halloween 2012.

i apologize for leaving everyone in suspense of our Halloween costumes/activities, etc.
better late then never & i'm sure you have been on the edge of your seats to see how the kliewers celebrated!

we took bentley trick or treating to a few houses in about a 2 block radius of our house. it's really fun to be able to meet & talk to people that you normally wouldn't, even though you live so close! he totally loved it & did a great job saying trick or treat & thank you. the next morning B even had plans to go out again that evening, hard to explain we only had one shot at it. we had a small party with aunts/uncles/cousins & the neighbors. its always fun to get together & have chili, caramel apples, & cider.
this costume started a few months ago when bentley borrowed a football helmet & it all came together with this 50 cent thrifted sweatshirt!

at church, ready for the fall festival!

saying hi to the kitchen girls

jack & joe (yes, the masks made B cry)

a real monster guarding my halloween tub!

getting ready for our party
cheering my football player on!

coach. (our costumes are suddenly seeming like parenting life metaphors!)

greeting our cute chick cousin!

backwards man. we do not have a family pic because bentley was not a fan of this costume.
the morning after...showing Jed his goodies! (and yes, that IS a robe)


Kathy said...

Fun, fun . You must have gotten the pants taken care of.??? Wondered about them. That is so cute of him showing Jed his stash!

Unknown said...

Love this blog! Well I love every blog of yours! Thanks for the good update! I feel like I was there :)