24 October 2012

28 months.

a little under the weather today. his pumpkin jammies are his favorite!

this last month seems like it has revealed some huge personality traits in bentley,
so i thought i would bring back the "months" post!

i meant to weigh him...but forgot.
and i don't know how tall he is either, but tall enough that EVERYONE who sees him says, woah, he is so tall.

:: he had one REALLY long eye brow. i'm talking like 4 times longer than the rest. i finally trimmed it.
::there is a scary sign (nobbies billboard with zombies) on the route to grace. it's right past the 42nd street exit & he notices it EVERY time. he covers his eyes, "no like it! scary! scary" i have tried to distract him, it blows my mind how he can glance up at just the right second.  every.time.
::he can do a perfect somersault.
::loves micky mouse.
::almost done nursing, we went all last weekend & he was to busy. now that we are home, he has more free time to remember. but he has just about outgrown it.
::he attends puggles at church (awana for 2 year olds). caroline helps in his class. she said that he will shorten his friends names. matthew becomes "math", paxton, "pax", & so on.
::he is a backseat driver. "GO MOM". he know knows that we have to wait for a green light, or the car in front of us to go before we can continue on. when dad is driving, he is usually saying "slow down! be careful!" oh my.
::he snores.
::he can count to 11!
::follows rules, espically those set by other people. he was very concerned that another little boy was not obeying his babysitter. he said "go get him!" to her (because the boy had gone further up the bleachers than he was supposed to).
::LOVES babies.
::can throw & catch a ball very well.
::(still) loves to read books.
::we are working on memory game, played the correct way! (previously we have played it where all the cards are face up)
::when asked what he is doing, a usual reply is "oh, just hanging out".
::loves socks on his hands as gloves.
::when he coughs, he immediately throws his hands up, above his head "mom, remember this?"

so much personality in our little guy.
i love how his brain works.
he was made perfectly for our family.


beth said...

I miss Bentley... oh yeah, and you guys, too! At Ponca I asked him, "what shall we talk about?" and he said, "um.. chicken nuggets!!"

Unknown said...

Bentley sounds just like Carter. Carter says the same to Rod when he is driving...."Dad be careful, slow down." When mom is driving it is "Green light, go Mom." Kids say suh funny things and they always seem to have the most perfect timing of the things they say!