01 July 2012

wrapping up june...

...to say hello, july!
as i was going through photos, i realized that i have a wide variety of random june photos. 
ones from everyday, that didn't get a post of their own. 
or maybe ones that were taken with the idea of getting a post...but sadly, they never did.
so here they are! a conglomeration of june.

window seat at grandmas cafe in ashland
he loves watching the traffic & announcing what drove past. cycle! pickup!
one saturday night, shawn had a side job he was doing...and it was stormy. so caroline got us snacks to make us brave!

in june, we had a bridal shower for kerri (who is marrying jared, shawns brother) & i won a door prize!

celine & logan, kerri, kathy, me, & andrea

fathers day 2012

classic. bentley loves heels. and makes me wear them too.

the flowers i get every june

the radio that we got from grandma & grandpa reimer!

it has found its home in our living room

cousins ready for the pool!

happy 20th birthday, kami!

grandmas cafe (jayz) has a jazz theme

bentley was helping me get ready. he came to me like this & said ready!
moms night out at CBC. my friend & i split our split. it was perfect!

at the splash park with lane & gage (the best part for B was riding in Pennys stroller)

helping dad lay the new mulch

2 year photo shoot with Celine!

the day after his birthday. he asked to be buried in toys.

last week was thompson basketball clinic! we went up to visit dad & the campers. i also got to fill in for a morning session!

shawns first harvest

after a LONG run! this boy can run forever!

it was 6:30 pm. you know how hot it has been. waiting for dad to come home. who has time to get your suit on?! also, this tigers name is bobby. (bentley named him)

see the moon?

my first time eating at Jayz cafe this last friday! yum!

who ever bringith the most toys, maketh the most friends.

we have underwear. oh my. so cute. and he is doing a good job on his potty training!

we also have new curtains!

out to eat on friday. matching shirts. bentley had seen the shirt that shawn was wearing & grabbed his off of his laundry pile. he took it to dad, shawn, surprised bentley had a shirt said is it clean? bentley smells it & says smell! clean! as he offers it to shawn for a sniff.
so that is our june!
how was yours?
are you ready for july?
i am.
except i need to get looking for some red/white/blue dessert....
(you know you love to make them!)

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