25 January 2012

i never want to forget...

my 19th month old.
and how...

you (IT NEVER FAILS) pop down the tabs in a cup (JUST LIKE YOUR DAD). i swear, we didn't teach him this. and he has been doing it for quite some time. it just melts my heart every time i observe him diligently working on a cup.

how you love our little family. at any given point he will point to da-da, momma, & buh! it makes you so happy.

you are silly. always coming up with a joke. especially with your toys.

you still sleep with your arms around my neck. totally snuggled.

you clean. if there is a spill, you are the first to run for a towel to wipe it up!

you love other people. always wondering about daret (darrin), mare-mare, & Aa! (and we can't go far with out seeing a baby & having to stop & say hi or wave.)

you love coins. you feel so special & proud when you get some pennies to play with. and then you stash them all over the house.

you know where on/off switches to toys are. and i didn't know they existed.

you are sloooowly working on potty training! you know how to sign if you have to poop, & just today you told me you were going to pee! awesome! and you get a prize. 3 chocolate chips. HA!

you love going to dads basketball games. (i opened up Yahoo the other day & there were 2 nba players. it was a close up, you could just see their jerseys. B says, bakeeball! how did he know?)

you will sit quietly while i groom you (nails, ears, nose) IF you can inspect what i have done after.

you have mastered your animal puzzle. you know all the names of the animals & where they go. naturally, you like to joke & put the wrong pieces in the wrong spot. and then you laugh so hard.

you always want to watch elmo on the computer. but you only like a video for about 15 seconds. you just like to browse.

you currently are lifting weights. you remembered you hadn't for a while. so you got out your 3 lb weight.

you are obsessed with being UP on the kitchen counter.

you still love to read books!

you are such a joy, little bentley!
it is so fun being your mom.
i'm so glad you are mine.


Auntie Elsie :) said...

This was the sweestest thing I have ever seen! :) <3

Andrea said...

weight lifting in the nude??

Minted Magazine said...

That is so sweet. Look at that little face!!

Minted Magazine


Anneliese said...

andrea. yes. (I MEAN, WHY WOULDN'T HE BE?! HA!) it was very hard to take a quick pic (with iphoto) that was appropriate. quite a few were instantly deleted. :)

mar-mar said...

wow. this post is so sweet! i love B's personality, he is so cute!!

Kathy said...

Thanks for the update on the 19 mo. old. We love having him around. Hope to see you soon Bentley. Love Grandma

auntanneneemann said...

it totally shows his cute personality!!! how can he be this old already????