11 December 2011

last week....

played in the snow!

 made a snowball.

 scarf + messy hair. oh my.

 looked at the christmas lights. (he loves to do this!)

 decorated the tree + the house! we moved the tubs onto the couch after two ornaments were smashed...next thing we know, the couch is not high enough!
 got out our new fisher price nativity set! it is so awesome!
 lived on the wild side. step stool ON the ottoman!
made a secret christmas project that included pictures of this sweet girl! (i just couldn't resist sharing. isn't she so cute?!)

we also had some basketball games ( and two wins i might add!), two christmas parties (i took magic bars. i will share the recipe because they are incredibly easy + super delish!),got a massage, i baked a cheesecake for a church event, (STRESSFUL! but it turned out just fine), got some quality christmas shopping done, started a diy christmas gift (which i hope to share if it turns out!), and watched bentley perfect half of the actions to away in a manger.

i hope your week went well! 

14 days till Christmas! 
(i'm loving the countdown because it also equals the days until i get to see ALL of my nieces!)


Andrea said...

i love that one of shawn and bentley with the snow falling! and the scarf/hair one is hilarious!

Maryclayre said...

this is my all time FAVORITE blog post!!