03 December 2011

2nd annual.

yesterday was the 2nd annual tree decorating at grandmothers! last year, we went over to help decorate, drink some coffe & eat some doughnuts. it was so fun, that we decided even though we don't have a tree to decorate monthly, there are always doughnuts & coffee! i think we (my aunts included) got together every month except november this past year! what a great tradition.

today, it is snowing! like mad. we will pretend we are snowed in. shawns basketball game (road trip 2+ hours away) got canceled which is great! we have christmas decorations to put up & falling snow makes that activity perfect for a saturday at home.

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Beth said...

We were reading "Mouse Baby" saying, "tickle tickle tickle!". Sorry, Addy, I guess I was saying it's ok to tickle babies.