19 August 2011

oh look, a visitor!

you know we have been busy,
and you know we have been traveling,
but you probably didn't know we have had an almost endless supply of company!
jared (shawns brother) came up last week (and by last week, i mean he came then, left today) for a wedding...
phil & kathy (shawns parents) came up last weekend so the ladies could attend women of faith (which was totally awesome...hello, amy grant!)
and now, while the sheets are in the wash, shawns cousin britney (and family) are on their way to bring their baby girl to college! we are going to attempt to sleep all five...someone might be in the tub (or crib?)

it has been fun. and will continue on into the weekend! B LOVES having people here. the morning after jared arrived (B was sleeping when he got to our house), he walked out to see his uncle sitting on the couch, B stood there, got a little nervous, did a dance...then walked over, turned around, and sat at his uncles feet. he was thrilled.

so we will have openings in the guest bedroom next week...who's coming?!


Beth said...

that is the best description of the Jared welcome dance! adorabibble!!

Andrea said...

would you like dj and i to have another slumber party at your place?

summer said...

would you like the harmsies to come? we will take the tub.