10 August 2011


august is already here, and in reality, practically gone again!
we have finally settled in back at our house.
being gone a lot can take its toll.
it has been nice to just be home.

part of our travles was to atkinson.
there, along with jason, lindsey, & girls
+ dj & andrea, we helped continue the celebration of Phil & Kathy's 40th anniversary.
we did this by sleeping in, eating delicious food kathy would make us (ok ok, we --the girls--DID make supper 1 night), getting pop, snacking, playing outside, going to the rodeo, etc.

and then we came home.
but the fun didn't stop!
the sarpy co fair grounds is literally 3-ish blocks from our house.
ok, maybe 4.
it is a great event!
you get excited every evening, seeing the cars line the streets far past our house.
we walked down every night,
except saturday.
giant storm.
power out for 4+ hours.

we aren't quitting on summer yet!
(even though, with this cool front, it is feeling awfully fall-ish around here...)


Unknown said...

It looks like you are having the most fantastic summer! I love all of your adventures : ) 40 years is impressive. Beautiful in every way!

The onion Farmers Wife said...

Just wanted to let you know my girls name is Annaliese.:) Saw you on Kelle H.'s blog. LOve your name.