24 June 2011


dear bentley, 

today you are one years old. i can't believe it! the time just FLEW by! how can my tiny "el skeleto" baby now be a rough & tough 1 year old toddling around? you are such a joy. so sweet, so smiley. just last night you heard people laughing & you looked up & joined in. you love something "that's funny". you also love basketball! we go on walks to the park, we are supposed to swing while dad shoots hoops, but you can only swing for a little bit before you have to run over to "dadada bah bah bah". you love it. giant smiles. on our walks, or even if we just go out side you instantly start looking for "bird". i don't know how you learned that word, but you know it. and you know what birds are.

you are getting hungrier every day, trying lots of new things! you just recently found green grapes! you think they are pretty yummy, and when you are done eating them, you enjoy smashing the left overs. you don't even try sleeping all night, i'm sure you get hungry, or maybe that is just the excuse you use to snuggle on into our bed. i've given up fighting you, you are to sweet. you know how you fall asleep? usually laying on my pillow, arms around my neck, nose to nose. 

these days we play toys, read books, and you entertain yourself by going around the house opening up drawers & pulling out the contents. your go to drawer is in the bathroom--and out you will come with every tooth brush you can find. you enjoy your aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, cousins,neighbors, and strangers. and dogs.

we love you so much, bentley von. i continually thank god he gave us YOU. you are the perfect fit. 

muah (that's how you give me a kiss),


one year photo shoot with celine!
[bent, your dad saw these pictures & said he is going to be one good looking guy. and i agree!]


Andrea said...

mary is crying.

happy birthday, bentley!

Anonymous said...

Bentley, just so you know your mom went to a lot of work to put on your one year birthday party. But it was worth it for such a cool guy. Other than that fact that you got into a street fight (fell down and scratched your face) the party was a huge success. Happy Birthday Bentley, We Love You!

John and Teresa said...

great pictures! and love the video! such a special keepsake.