23 June 2011

birthday eve.

tomorrow B turns one.
i think i'm ok with it.
he is so fun, so why wouldn't i be excited?
then i see a newborn, and i think oh, my tiny baby was sweet too.
but he did cry all the time,
so maybe we don't need to go back there.
i'm glad i have come to terms with having a one year old.
for a while, i wasn't excited.
but there was nothing i could do,
so i embraced it.

we are getting the house ready for the party!
which is tomorrow.
shawn says if it is this much work for a first birthday party with the grandmas + a few cousins,
then we better start getting ready for his high school graduation now.
otherwise we will never get everything done.
maybe we will wait till B is actually IN high school to worry about that.

right now,
labor + newborn days keep flashing through my mind.
lets see, we were so certain B would be born at 7 am, or 9, or....and then not till 3:41.
my mom ONLY cared about what his name was.
i only cared about being done.
the first time i cried through out the whole things was when she said YOU did it.
and then that just opened up the water works....
i love thinking about when my sisters walked in to meet him for the first time.
that was the hardest i cried. i was so happy to be at that point.
introducing them.
i had energy through the roof.
people kept telling me i should be tired.
i didn't go to bed until 2 am, and i'm pretty sure i hadn't slept the night before...that was a lot of hours up in a row.
i was so excited to come home.
we had so much food here!
the mothers kept us well stocked, thinking it might not be enough.
little did they know, in our whole married lives we hadn't had that many snacks on the counter.

what a fun time...and fun first year...i'll keep you updated on the year to come.

sneak preview! we had a 1 year photo shoot with celine...

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Stephanie27 said...

Wow a year old! Congratulations to you and your family!