12 April 2011

part 2.

the photos.
no hands! can you guess who is babysitting? since he has no shirt on? aunt caroline thinks that is the only way to play.

i can't resist. so peaceful & cosy

at times like these i feel like i have lost all control. naked baby running wild.

helping dad grill!
good morning!

i'm ready to get up & go that way. out the door!

this is where we found bentley after church! in the tub! i have no idea how he got in there...
birthday kisses!

waiting to go to lunch on my birthday!

fun birthday present from shawn! much needed. it took a while to decide which one to use first.

the stepmother, caroline!

1 comment:

vcr said...

way to go bentley! cannot believe he is STANDING!! wowzers!