08 April 2011

friday wrap up.

we are going to have to do a part 2 to this post. the pictures. cause they are still on my camera, which is in the car...and its raining. so i am going to wimp out & not run to get it.

//last thursday, for my birthday, we went to young frankenstein) it was AMAZING! i suppose they are professionals (it is from Broadway), but it still was so impressive. very funny + entertaining. shawn & i, after almost every scene, would look over at each other with a giant smile. couldn't help it!
this is from my phone, that was the opening set. and we actually moved down closer because the show wasn't sold out! so we had great seats!

//last friday we went to the musical, into the woods, put on by my sisters high school. caroline was the wicked step-mother. she did a great job! pictures of that in part 2.

//just in case you need to see addy in her swimsuit...

//this wednesday, BEFORE my birthday, we had a little photo shoot of the 4 generations. my meema is 75, my mom 50, me 25, and my baby 0 (9 1/2 mo)! isn't that cool?
andrea also took some super cute picture of B for his 9 month photo...(i'll add more later/ part 2)

// and then, yesterday, it was my birthday! it was a fun filled day, just like a birthday should be. bentlely & i went out to lunch with my meema to where my mom works. she was serving a lunch so we got there when things were wrapping up and all ate together. later, we went out to visit dad & the kids were with him. joe had decorated the apartment, afterall, "whats a birthday without streamers?" joe says to me. we then ate dinner with my mom & the rest of the fam. of course it was delicious. and to top my day off i received about a million cards in the mail from respective grandmas, motherinlaws, and my sister mary. you would add that up to only be 4. but you are wrong. you have no idea how many mary sent. i lost count.

//that brings us to today! we still have one birthday event on the schedule...out to eat! B is going to stay home with a babysitter. an evening out will really top off a fabulous birthday week weekend.

i'll get my pictures uploaded & be back with part 2....soon :)

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