24 March 2011

9 months in, 9 months out.

here he is. our nine month old.
i forgot to weigh him today so i will have to update that.
he is still as social as ever.
laughing all the time,
trying to steal your food,
and finding whatever he can to put in his mouth.
his newest game was taught to him by his aunts,
hide & seek.
he loves to chase after them,
dropping his head & crawling "fast".
he gets excited & gasps for air.
his jabber is about the cutest thing ever,
and every time he sneezes, he mutters after himself.
it sounds a lot like he says 'bless you'.
he loves to cuddle & be held.
he can literally fall asleep if you give him enough kisses.
not that he can be easily tricked into falling asleep.
there is a lot of time spent singing,
rubbing his back, holding him,
laying him back down, holding him again.
his hair is growing long,
it is messy in the morning.
he has 6 teeth- 4 top, 2 bottom.
this morning he woke up with a runny nose,
so maybe more teeth?
or a spring cold.
it's been a great 9 months.
i think it felt just like the 9 months of pregnancy,
not to long & not to short.
just the right amount of time with our bentley boy.

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Beth said...

I like the new heading on your blog! great pics, Anna!