05 February 2011

i have noticed a lot of days B & i match.
i have been sick.
now i know why moms don't ever get sick. doesn't pay.
i didn't do laundry for a week.
and then today i got bleach on my shawns sweatshirt sleeve.
rookie cleaning mistake. dang.
this is the first weekend we haven't had basketball.
its nice.
we don't know what to do with ourselves.
shawn decied to go get some new tires.
i decided that he should get us donuts.
both of our wishes have been granted. 
life has been pretty much the same.
except the steady upward climb of activeness by B.
and food.
he is addicted.
now at basketball games we have to take him down to the side of the bleachers so he can crawl around on the floor.
he can't be contained + entertained the whole game like he used to be.
those are baby toys.
speaking of baby things,
baby carseats are for babies.
and that means we need a bigger one.
and have for quite some time.
tomorrow, after church, we are going to go get an upright car seat.
seems like you shouldn't put your newborn in those,
i'm right you shouldn't, but i have to keep reminding myself i don't have a newborn.
we are also going to try & get a high chair.
i think it might revolutionize kitchen time.
i'm thinking he might love it.

speaking of tomorrow.....what are your plans for the super bowl?
i'm going to make this artichoke dip

he was confused...why is the sun in my eyes?!


1 comment:

Andrea said...

haha. i loved all the pictures! i feel like the one with the sun in his eyes could literally be put in jason's baby book and NO ONE would question it.
and that picture (not because of that) is also my favorite one in this post. also...why is he suddenly a different person in the picture below it?