29 January 2011

picture texts.

my favorite thing to give + recieve.
my sisters think i say it funny.
pic txt?
or maybe i usually call them picture messages.
anyway, i say it old fashioned to them.

here are a few good ones from this week.
out to eat with grandma & grandpa at the Farmhouse cafe. Bentley couldn't decide what to order. he actually ate a few bites of my watermelon because it was so torturous for him to sit & watch us eat! real food here he comes!

asleep in his swing-that he recently likes again.

grandma & grandpa came to town & what did they do? bring bentley a horse, thats what. it's even cooler than you can see...there are velcro straps underneath so you can strap it onto your leg. the new style of horsey rides!

i decided to organize bentleys pants. God has blessed us with handmedowns! you don't even want to know how many pairs there are....ok, now you do. 39.

don't you love to get txts from your cutie pie niece? lovin' the bow!

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