12 December 2010

days 6-12

large margin.
that must mean we have been busy!
i know we have been busy because my sister had to catch up the advent calendar on the fridge. i was a few doors behind.
sidenote: while i am thinking of it...today is my (other)sisters due date! no word yet, but baby girl should make an appearance...in the next few days?! fingers crossed! those sentences are misleading, so far, no sign of baby, but i know she wants her christmas presents! so she better hurry up!
ok, back to what we have been doing. 
last week, the best christmas activity we accomplished was helping grandmother decorate her tree! if a regular tree holds 50 ornaments, than grandmothers holds 500. i can still remember trees from my childhood, the ornament collection was endless. you could stare at the tree for hours, noticing new ornaments tucked in and around the whole tree. if you were lucky, you would even have a present hidden among the branches. maybe it would be one of the famed "give this note to grandfather" then you KNEW something big was coming in from the garage. a dollhouse? check. a desk? check. a new car? still waiting...
we ate soup, drank coke, & ate some of the bread i had brought over. it was perfect.
bentley played with his great-aunts. (does that title make you two feel old? we need to think of what he will call you. annie & bethy?)
he entertained the crowed with his knee rocks.
and napped.

other activities from this past week:
made christmas cookies. 
a successful shopping trip.
shopping with a baby is harder, but people are friendlier. we stop & talk to every old lady "isn't he a big boy, and such big dimples" we take a few steps, and have the same conversation all over again.
attended a christmas party. (we played the newlywed game. it was hilarious/embarrassing/confusing/fun to remember or realize there are things you don't remember. like, what was the first meal i cooked for shawn? neither of us know.)
SNOW! we were out of town when we got the first snow, so this was a first for us!
i sent off a package bound for south carolina!
shawn wrapped up the first semester of basketball (6-2).
hanging up the wreath from dad. it is real. and beautiful.
shawn got the lights up on the house! two strands is perfect for the front gutters.
and of course, White Christmas is on repeat.


Andrea said...

ahhh...satisfied. i thought you died on the 7th day of december.

mary's due date is TODAY?? whaaaat?

Maryclayre Dick said...

Oh I love this! What a great Christmas season for you!

beth said...

Anna, you're a fantastic fotographer and teller of your stories. I love it! B can call me AB. haha!